Saturday, November 14, 2009

     Today was my friend from work Manju's birthday. Ruth and I (another friend from work) cooked a big Ethiopean meal for her (Ruth really cooked it since she's from Ethiopia, I just cut and peeled vegetables) and all of us ate sooooo much! It was a true feast! After dinner we all just sat on the couch in silence because we were all sooo full!! Hahah!
     I've been so tired and I know I've been grouchy all day. Sometimes working nights really does mess up your sleep schedule. I was able to sleep when I went to bed last night, but I woke up at 5am and couldn't sleep. Really weird for me since I'm usually more dead than King Tut in the mornings! Oh well, there are good and bad things about everything.
    We took Barbie to the vet on Friday and I cannot believe how big she has gotten. Here's a little bit of an idea; when we took her to the vet for the very first time she weighed 3.8 lbs. Not even 4 lbs! and now she weighs 15lbs! She used to wear an x-small collar and now she wears a medium! I can't believe it! And she's only 4 months now! Crazy how my little girl is growing up so fast! Tear. Below is a pic of her when we first got her. It is one of my favorites of her!
    I know this blog has be so boring, I feel like I live too boring of a life for anyone to want to follow my blog but here goes. We'll see if it's a hit.

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