Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year, New Beginnings

     So it has been forever since I have written a post but I really feel like the effort is kind of futile since I know only my sisters will be reading this. Oh well. I really need to spend some time and get familiar with the 'blog world' so I can add some friends.... friends would be good. I read everyone elses blogs but am not officially a 'follower' so I think I need to rectify that situation. So anyway, another year has come and Ruth said to me, "What have i done this year?"; at first I thought I hadn't done anything of any significance either in 2009 but then I got to thinking and this is a list of all of the fabulous things I have done in 2009:
-Passed NCLEX and got my RN license. Woo Hoo!!!
-Spent a year in the Medical ICU
-Bought a new car all by myself
-Payed real bills for the first time
-Made new friends
-Made it out alive!
     So yeah, I guess I have done a few good things this past year. As for this year, 2010, I already have some goals in mind. I hate saying resolution because I feel like that just sets you up for failure. Some of my goals for this year are: loose weight (ah yes, the age old struggle), become a wonderful NICU nurse at my new job, get financially fit, buy a couch (kinda weird, I know, but I hate the junky hand-me-down footon we have now), and of course, get into blogging.
     As for my new job, I love it so far. It's always hard to tell when you're in orientation because orientation just sucks no matter where you are, but so far I love it and it hasn't been as horribly devistating as my last orientation. So far the people are nice, the job is easier physically and emotionally, and I love that i get to work with babies now and not have to turn 500 pound patients everyday. So so far so good! I hope it just gets better!
     As for family, Rene is good, and Barbie is such a big girl now! She is scheduled to be fixed next Friday! I can't believe she's old enough to get her period already! I really feel like a mom sometimes even though I know it's nothing like being a real mom. But i'm amazed that time has passed so fast and she already almost 7months old! And I really think she just get cuter every day. Well, I guess that's it for now. Hope to write more frequently.
p.s. Where is the spell check on this thing?! I know I probably spelled so many things wrong!

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